Corporate Allocation

CFOs in enterprising companies today face greater challenges than ever before—and greater opportunities.

SunSystems can help the organization automatically collect and allocate complex ledger and asset data. At the same time, costs can be charged to different ledgers, cost centers, projects, products or other categories. Corporate Allocations is a powerful tool that allows you to manipulate existing ledger transactions to generate new transactions.

• Support for apportioned and fixed percentage allocations, fixed amounts and iterative charging gives accurate allocations

• Full support for inter-company processing

• High degree of flexibility allows each organization to define their own allocation structures

• Posting options provide tight controls

• Comprehensive audit trail traces all allocations in full

• Expenses can be split or reassigned, along with other transactions, using predefined criteria

• Amounts can be allocated across periods, accounts, analysis codes and business units

• Charges can be split, increased or decreased

• Corporate Allocations generates and posts all related ledger transactions