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Vision gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information.

SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting is an integrated financial model that encompasses profit & loss, balance sheet and cash flow. This means that as revenue or cost information is entered in the profit & loss area of the model it automatically flows through to the balance sheet and cash flow based on the embedded structures and business rules. Similarly, capital plans created in the balance sheet automatically update the profit and loss and cash flow aspects of the model. The delivered structures and business rules can be amended and enhanced by users to reflect their own organizational requirements and business rules.

SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting is unique because it delivers closed-loop integration with SunSystems financial management applications. This means data and structure information flow between Budgeting & Forecasting and financials, all under the control of the finance team. The integration has been designed so it can be implemented and maintained by finance personnel with minimal support from IT specialists.

SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting enables organizations to maximize their productivity and improve performance by effectively communicating corporate goals and objectives to disparate audiences.

SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting enables organizations to plan and forecast in a multidimensional environment to determine key information across multiple combinations of dimensions, such as expense lines, key business data elements, divisions/business units, various time periods, and versions.

SunSystems Budgeting & Forecasting enables organizations to easily model scenarios and evaluate their impact on financial instruments such as balance sheet and cash flows.

• Integrate financial and operational planning in one system.

• Reduce budget cycle time and increase budget accountability.

• Identify trends and seasonal patterns that can affect performance.

• Maintain user productivity by providing a familiar Microsoft Excel interface.

• Ensure data accuracy and eliminate version control issues by storing data in the solution's centralized, secure database.

Benefit from experience: One method of planning is to entrust a small group of people to create plans for your organization.

Test “what if” scenarios: Planning and Budgeting allows you to comprehensively model your business and perform real-time “what if” scenario planning.

Achieve financial goals: Using Planning and Budgeting, you can work backward from a key financial goal to the input numbers, percentages, and ratios required achieving the goal. Simply type in your goal, select the contributing business drivers to be investigated, and let the software perform the calculations and suggest adjustments.

Manage the process: Planning and Budgeting provides a number of capabilities to help you document the budgeting process, educate system users across the organization, monitor company-wide budget submissions and approvals from anywhere at any time, and enforce budget rules and timelines.

Streamline the tasks: Using the web or the application’s familiar Excel interface, your approved system users can submit and retrieve data easily from anywhere at any time.

Improve the integrity: Planning and Budgeting provides a number of built-in capabilities to help ensure the accuracy of your organization-wide budget.