Inventory Management

Order Management - Functionality is included to help you take control of your sales, purchasing, and inventory management operations. Order Management is designed to integrate with partners and customers.

SunSystems Inventory Management manages inventory ensuring full visibility of product, intermediate and raw material items, whilst also controlling serial and batch/lot numbers. A range of costing and product management features complete a stock management solution to perfectly complement SunSystems Purchase Management and SunSystems Sales Management. Maintain optimum inventory using the power of SunSystems Inventory Management to control warehouse movements. Minimise business impact as the SunSystems architecture offers user-defined process mapping, analysis and reporting to ensure your established business processes are mapped to our software and not the other way around, enhancing chances of a successful implementation.

Item Definition

• Comprehensive item master record.

• Characteristics to profile products.

• Multiple prices per item.

• Multiple costs per item.

• Rolled-up standard costs for manufactured items.

• Define Units of Measure and conversions.

• Alternative and superseded item processing.

• Batch/lot and serial number processing.

Movement Management

• Wide range of data capture on inventory changes.

• Bin-to-bin transfer facility.

• User-defined transfer types and forms meet range of requirements.

Inventory Processing

• Automatic or manual allocation.

• Inventory inquiry to examine actual and projected movements by multiple inventory units

• Availability inquiry for fulfilment of sales orders.

• Print pick and dispatch documents.

• Confirmation of receipts, picked or despatched by location, lot/batch and/or serial number.

• Goods receipt matching and inspection.

Inventory Count/Stock Take Management

• System generated inventory count (random or full).

• Print sequentially numbered tickets to assist counting control.

• Secure entry of count including discrepancies, approvals and posting.

• Clear previously generated inventory counts.


• Weighted average, standard, true average, defined average, actual, latest actual, user-defined and landed costs.