Purchase Management

Order Management - Functionality is included to help you take control of your sales, purchasing, and inventory management operations.

SunSystems Purchase Management streamlines the procurement process both centrally and dispersed providing control and delivering cost savings and improved productivity. Maximize expenditure control and supplier effectiveness using automated ordering, receiving and invoice matching linked to online budget and commitment control.

Control your organization’s supplier relationships and ensure expenditure follows business processes and authorities required for efficient operation.

Minimize business impact as the SunSystems architecture offers user-defined process mapping, analysis and reporting to ensure your established business processes are mapped to our software and not the other way around, enhancing chances of a successful implementation.


• Entry amendment, review and deletion of purchase orders and returns

• Ability to process individual lines

• Actions subject to operator permissions

• Commitment and budget checking available

• Multiple order type

• Direct invoice entry

• Multiple and part orders can be matched to single invoice lines


• Control over stage sequencing or elimination

• Order Entry

• Order Confirmation

• Receipt Entry/Matching

• Inspections

• Receipt Transfer

• Invoice Entry/Matching

• Invoice Confirmation

• Security-based views per user

• Automated selection, print and matching

• Multi-level approval hierarchies

Supplier Management

• Supplier performance management for price, delivery and quality.