Vision XL

Vision gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information.

Vision XL is an intuitive addition to the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and provides fast and adaptable ways to exchange data with SunSystems modules. The extensive functionality of Microsoft Excel is enhanced through Vision XL, enabling powerful reporting and presentation.

Vision XL provides a dynamic link by allowing information to be incorporated in Microsoft Excel from multiple SunSystems Financials and SunSystems Business tables into a single report. Conversely, data prepared in Microsoft Excel worksheets can be transferred to SunSystems applications.

With its flexibility and ease of use, Vision XL

allows non-technical and non-accounting staff to effectively analyze SunSystems data, providing enhanced analytical power and assisting the decision-making process. Data from other applications may optionally be combined with SunSystems data within a single Vision XL report.

Self-Service Design

Since Vision is fully integrated into your choice of Excel, Word or Executive front ends, business users can query, explore and report their data in real time with minimal training. This makes Vision extremely easy to learn and fast to deploy.

Managed Spreadsheet Reporting

Despite other IT advancements spreadsheets remain the tool of choice for reporting business data. Vision offers the Excel interface and functionality that users know and trust while minimizing the risk of disparate data and manual error. Dynamic links to data sources eliminate the need for thousands of versioned spreadsheets ensure that all reports maintain a single version of the truth. Users can extract business data from one or more data sources into a single Excel report. Since Vision directly links to underlying data sources, reports stay up to date without cumbersome maintenance. Additionally, custom user forms and report packs empower non-technical staff to run reports at the click of a mouse.

Integrated Analytics

Built-in analytics help detect and explain trends, problems and opportunities that are often concealed in transactional data. Use Cube Analysis to drill down on live relational data. Save queries as cubes so that you can slice, dice or browse data offline. Drill down on reports for a detailed view of your data. Report Prompting allows you to define the main criteria that drive the report. Breakouts automatically create similar reports based upon the combination of the selected output items. Frequently used analytic procedures can be saved and run to update the report.

A Dynamic Link

Vision Word provides a dynamic link, by allowing information to be extracted from multiple databases to a single document. With its flexibility and ease-of-use, Vision Word allows non-technical staff to effectively analyze data from within a familiar word processing environment. Vision Word is an add-in that appears as an additional menu item on your Word menu.

Accessing Data Within Word

Vision Word optimizes queries and presents information in a simplified view, enabling you to extract data from tables within your databases. Vision Word facilitates the easy integration of data into monthly reports, management reports, statutory reports and other documents allowing you to combine information from your database with highly formatted narrative content.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

With Vision Word, information can be extracted to a Microsoft Word document from multiple database tables. By incorporating an understanding of the relationship between database tables, you simply define a parent table to display related data items and dependent tables for filtering and outputting to Word. This use of Word allows for more comprehensive and wider ranging analysis and reporting.

Perform Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Use Cube Analysis to perform multidimensional analysis and drill down on live relational data. Vision enables any query to be output as a cube. This provides the capability to slice and dice data held in relational databases. Analyze a report, cell or group of cells by performing ad hoc drills and save cubes for offline browsing.

Vision Mail Merge

Merge is an implementation of Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge that works with Vision Word. It allows you to specify a data source for the main merge document, insert, delete or move Vision Merge and Vision Command fields, setup the main document, and execute a Merge. Vision Mail Merge supports Equation Editor Fields, which can be calculated each time a record is extracted, using the recalculate command fields.

SecureE Access and Control

Vision provides security features to ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data. User privileges assigned to users in your database are fully respected in Vision. The user profile in Vision can match the same profile in your database. The information a user can access will depend on the privileges assigned to that user in your database. Further data and access restrictions can be applied within Vision if required.