Vision Alert

Vision gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information.

Vision Alert is an easy to use, highly flexible means of automating designated reporting tasks, on an event or time-driven basis. Features called Alerts enable Vision Alert to make automated, conditional responses to specified conditions in Vision reports. Vision Alert complements and enhances the capacity of Vision Executive to identify and analyze the opportunities and problems concealed in the financial data of an organization.

Product Features

- Schedule Tasks to process on a time or event basis.

- Create multiple Tasks on multiple servers. Direct communication with Microsoft Excel, Vision XL, Vision netEnterprise, etc…

- Can be used independently to create, edit and schedule Tasks.

- Using the server-based Vision Alert, a Task can be executed without the client machine running.

- Vision Alert uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to resolve international time differences.

- Security features include the encryption of data transmitted between client and server to prevent unauthorized access.

- Distributed Tasks can be password protected.