Vision Executive

Vision gives managers unique insight into every facet of business by providing the ability to drill down into the multiple dimensions of your financial information.

Vision Executive is a dynamic analysis and reporting application that enables you to uncover and analyze the trends, problems and opportunities that are often concealed in corporate transactional data. Vision Executive provides direct access to SunSystems from within a familiar desktop environment, facilitating the inquiry and analysis of financial information.

It supports proactive and decisive management, enabling executives to access, and exhaustively query, the financial data required for a wide range of managerial and analytical purposes. Data from other applications may optionally be combined with SunSystems data within a single Vision Executive report. Easy to use, Vision Executive allows the interrogation of financial data without expert assistance or technical knowledge.

It provides decision-makers with sophisticated analytical and performance measurement capabilities, as well as significantly increasing the rate at which information can be processed. Vision Executive Browser is a powerful zero footprint application that requires no additional software to be installed on the user’s computer and enables Vision Executive reports to be viewed and interrogated via a web browser interface.

Through timely, accurate reporting you can deliver 90% of the information employees require for day-to-day decision-making. Vision supplies the architecture you need to generate reports and distribute them efficiently throughout the enterprise.

Vision toolsets - Vision XL, Vision Word and Vision Executive - are the day-to-day management reporting tools for non-technical users, which enable the running of real-time or pre-processed inquiries, with easy navigation and comprehensive in-built analytical functionality.

Executive Analysis

Delve further into the details of your report by applying Vision Executive’s analytic functions: Drilldown, Expand, Breakout and CubeAnalysis. Frequently used analysis procedures can be saved and run to update the report. The analysis paths can be stored to be available every time a report is prepared.

Vision Security

Vision Executive provides security features to ensure that only authorised users can access sensitive data. Assigned user privileges are fully respected. The information a user can access will depend on the privileges assigned to that user.

Report Breakout

Breakout automatically creates like reports based upon the combination of the selected output items. Multiple levels of Breakout can be applied to a query. For example, you can break out a report by market code and period.

Drill Path and Drill Data

The functions Drilldown and Breakout create drill paths, which can be saved and replayed. You can choose the format and layout of drill results. Your design preferences are maintained for future drill results.

Review Retained Reports

Vision Executive reviews the history of retained reports. This optimises performance through offline viewing and reducing the need to re-extract data.

Report Prompting

Report Prompting allows you to define the main criteria that drive the report. Before the report is extracted, the report drivers can be modified using intelligent prompts.

Browser and PortalL Access

Vision Executive enables content to be presented to browsers or embedded within portal applications. The same Executive workbooks can be deployed to full or web clients.

Perform Multi-Dimensonal Analysis

Use Cube Analysis to perform multidimensional analysis and drill down on live relational data. Vision enables any query to be output as a cube. This provides the capability to slice and dice data held in relational databases. Analyse a report, cell or group of cells by performing ad hoc drills and save cubes for offline browsing.